Touch Comfort


This is the latest Touch Chair model, and a winner, for sure! The elegant an classic design is emphasized by the even, slim pipes in the backrest.    
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Standard color legs


The even backrest pipes encreases the comfort, and makes the look more modern too. The chair has swing and tilt, and either wheels combined with heigths adjustment, or gliders combined with autoreturn. The cross is 5-star in both options, and comes in alu, black or chrome. So do the armrest frame. The vhair is fully upholstered, and can come without armrests, if that is preferred. It is a guaranteed winner either way!   Touch-Comfort-3DS.zipDownload-DWG-Touch-Comfort.zipProduktark-Touch-stoler.pdfFSC-UAB_Paina_ir_Ko-scaled.jpgOeko-tex-UAB-Vita-Baltic.pdf
  • Tøff, kul, klassisk, moderne, praktisk, solid - og uovertruffen på komfort.

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