SIT Comfort/MESH/+


"Big Brother" SIT Komfort has all the positions and settings to adapt any user maximum. Seat, backrest, armrests, height, tilt and resistance - you can have it all your way!  
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Standard color legs


The SIT Comfort chair has black frame and black Fame fabric in seat and backrest, and no headrest. The SIT Comfoprt + also has headrest, the other is equal. The SIT MESH has black frame, black Fame fabric seat, and MESH  backrest, no headrest. The SIT MESH+ also has headrest, the other is equal. Both the models has the option of polished alumniun on the cross, and except for the MESH part they also have options of ay other fabric.   3ds-filer-SIT-Komfort-og-MESH.zipDWG-pCon-SIT-Komfort-og-MESH.zipTestrapport-SIT-kontorstoler.zipProduktark-SIT-Komfort-MESH.pdf