Pallet – an extra seating


A collection of different pallets, maybe accompanying a sofa, gives extra seating, andis also just as decorative as you create it to be.
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Our assortment of pallets holds different shapes and sizes. Elin being round, Ø40, with a metal band at the bottom. Mody is alså round Ø40, with small wheels and no band, Hugo  is square 50x50, and Malin is Våre palle-modeller er en samling forskjellige fasonger og størresler: Elin, rund, Ø40 cm med sparkelist nederst, Mody rund Ø 40 cm med hjul, Malin is round Ø90 cm and Hugo firkantet 50x50 cm. All the pallets in sitting heights 43,5 - 46 cm, and all the pallets can come in any selected fabric, naturally. 3ds-filer-Edge-paller.zipDWG-p-Con-Edge-paller.zipProduktark-PALLER-alle.pdf