Mr.Box with round legs

Mr. Box with round legs are in mainly the same as the original Mr. Box – only the legs are different.

It is available in 1, 2 and 3 seats, and with a total height of 140 cm. It can be “booths” in a cafe, it can be a “silent room” in an office landscape or a foyer, a “room divider” in large environments or it can simply be decorative standing against the wall.

A little gap between the seat and the back also makes it easy to keep clean. There is no split for dust and crumbs.

Make a “silent room” – or a MEETINGPOINT of two high sofas facing each other, joined with an end wall, and have an undisturbed space shielded for both sound and transparency – suitable for an privat meeting.

There are varieties of high-walled sofas on the market, but few with the look and finish like this one.

Seating height 45 cm



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