Mr.Box Roof - sofa with ceiling.
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The latest newcomer in the Mr.Box design serie is Mr.Box Roof sofa. Upholstered sides, back and ceiling makes it a "private cave", shielded form the world. It is all about being shielded form disturbing noise and at the same time be able to keep track of what is happening in the nearby area. Like all other Mr.Box models this one also have el and USB available. All the Mr.Box sofas are available with removable and washable cover.   FSC-Slavita-UAB.pdfOeko-tex-UAB-Vita-Baltic.pdfMØBELFAKTA-13.02.20.-S1384-Scan-Sørlie-Prod.sert_.-Mr.-Box-norsk.pdfpulverlakkering-for-BOX-OFF-Apollo.jpglakk-BOX-OFF-Apollo.jpg