Mr.Box Meetingpoint


The Mr.Box sofa is genial. At 140 cm height, as 1- 2- or 3-seats sofas, connected with a wal at the one end, it becomes "a room in the room".  
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Standard color legs


The combined two safas and a wall, plus a table at right size and haight makes a quiet space well shielded from sound and insight, suitable for an informal meeting, a confidential conversation or a privat phonecall. Thus the naming "Meetingpoint". there are a lot of high-walled sofas on the market, but few appearing this solid and timeless. The sitting height is 45 cm. This sofa is Certified with "Møbelfakta" DWG-Mr.Box-sosialsone-runde-ben-1.zipDWG-Mr.Box-høy-runde-ben-1.zipDWG-Mr.Box-Meetingpoint-runde-ben-1.zip3ds-Mr.Box-Sosial-sone-rnde-ben-1.zip3ds-Mr.Box-Meetingpoint-runde-ben-1.zip3ds-filer-Mr.Box-høy-runde-ben-1.zipMØBELFAKTA-13.02.20.-S1384-Scan-Sørlie-Prod.sert_.-Mr.-Box-norsk-1.pdfProduktark-Mr.Box-Meetingpoint-Sosial-sone.pdfOeko-tex-UAB-Vita-Baltic.pdfFSC-Slavita-UAB.pdf