E-Motion Y-Design


E-motion Y-design fits desktop sizes 120-180 cm, 80 or 90 cm depth the adjusting heigth is 59-124cm below plate.    
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Standard color legs


On plates longer than 180 cm a cross bar extention is needed. Scan Sørlies working station legs are equiped with LINAK lifting system and motors. They are flexible, intelligent, reliable and modern looking. 2 or 3 sectioned adjustable legs are the optimal solution for an office og today, being able to sit and stand up varying through the day. The E-Motion Y-Design is absolutely trendy. Carrying a simple straight desktop it looks marvelous.   FDV-E-Motion-Y-Design-hev-senk-understell.pdfEMY-Design-par-H-70.dwg2019-E-Motion-Y-Design-monteringsanvisning.pdflinak-2.pngFSC-UAB_Paina_ir_Ko-scaled.jpg