E-Motion 2- og 3-sectioned adjustable – 2- and 3-legs


E-motion adjustable legs.
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Standard color legs


The 2-sectioned legs adjust from 68 - 118 cm height, and the 3-sectioned adjust from 59-124 cm, measured without plate. The feet measures 50, 70 or 90 cm. It angels 90o - midlegs for support on longer stretches. Bars are telescopic, and mounting is quick and easy. E-Motion is available in alu, white, black and chrome.     Linak.pnglinak-2.png08.01.21.-S1404-Scan-Sørlie-Prod.sert_.-2-bens-3-leddet-el.hev_senk-understell-norsk.pdf08.01.21.-S1405-Scan-Sørlie-Prod.sert_.-3-bens-3-leddet-el.hev_senk-understell-norsk.pdf