E-Motion legs

E-Motion legs has been under constantly improving over a long period of time. The result is a neat, good and practical functioning chassis. The electric raised / lowered 2-set leg extends from 67 to 117 cm height and a 3-set leg extending from 58.8 to 123.5 cm. The feet have depths of 50, 70 or 90 cm. It has a corner solution of 90° and 45° and the middle leg with no angles for long stretches.

The rims are telescopic, and the mounting is quick and easy. E-Motion legs are used for workplaces, meeting and dining tables. With all the color variations – white, silver, black and chrome – there is a variety of options for style and expression.

When something other than E-Motion legs are requested, the I-leg or a column often is a very good alternative. This is low-cost – but still steady – solutions. Columns has fixed heights: 41, 62, 71 and 106 cm, and the I-leg is adjustable: 68 – 84 cm.



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