Diversity and project

Scan Sørlie AS is diverse and can offer good furniting for almost any use. You will find our footprints all over Norway, in all kinds of environments – airports, hotels, museums, offshore installations, the “local convenience store” – where we can be seen all the way from the reception to the innermost, great meeting room. We can offer expert assistance suggestioning praktical interior solutions, and also suggestiing color combinations if desired, all visualized with 3D drawings. In some cases, special adjusted furniture will be required, and we will most times solve that as well.

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About Scan Sørlie

Our experience spans the entire manufacturing range, from designing and developing – through production in our own factory to presenting functional and good looking furnishing solutions by 3D drawing to our customers.


Scan Sørlie AS
Vistergrenda 80
1719 Greåker
Org.nr: 941 558 496
E-mail: firmapost@scansorlie.no
Telephone: +47 69 22 75 50