Scan Sørlie is certified regarding climate and enviromental legislation by the annual official certificate.
We are proud to contribute to keep our climate healthy – as in flora and fauna, and in collegial environment.

About us

Scan Sørlie AS is a complete supplier of furniture for the professional market.

Our experience spans the entire manufacturing range, from designing and developing – through production in our own factory to presenting functional and good looking furnishing solutions by 3D drawing to our customers.
Our range of products covers close to any need; vestibule, lobby, receptions, offices, conference- and meeting rooms, canteens or cafés.

Our competent staff offers guidance and help finding the optimal solution for the client’s different needs, to serve and assist our dealers with their projects.

We are a rather casual and pleasant little flock, and this is us in short:

Morten Vister
Managing director / owner

Morten is the owner and managing director of Scan Sørlie AS. He keeps a steady control, and is involved in all parts at several levels of the company. In addition to being responsible for product developing and company strategies, he also is a sales representative for foreign and domestic customers.

On his spare time his main engagement probably is Scan Sørlie AS, but he very much enjoys spending time with family and friends, in the coast cabin and the boat.

Geir Paulsen
Finance manager / accounts

Finance Manager Geir is in complete control of accountancy, economics, stock holding, salaries, human relations and all internet and edb related issues of the company. He has been with Scan Sørlie since 2003.

Except from family and grandchildren, Geir is a HUGE football fan. There is very little of what’s happening concerning football that Geir is not well informed of.

Anne Karen Lund
Marketing / drawing / sales secretary

Anne Karen has been in Scan Sørlie AS since 2008, and holds the marketing department. The priority is providing furnishing solutions and 3D drawings to all customers, next in line is producing pricelists; administrate websites, assisting the sales department, invoicing and otherwise ad hoc.

In private the primary activity is music – in odd versions and styles: concert/dancing band, bigband and marching band. Further there is a bunch of grandkids and a coast cabin to tend to.

Bjørn «Budde» Lillebekk
Key account manager

In Norway ‘Bjørn Lillebekk’ may sound unfamiliar, but close to everyone will know who “Budde” is. For decades he has been a visible and active operator in the furniture industry, and most of the time with Scan Sørlie as a considerable supplier. He’s specialty is ergonomics and physical well-being at work. Budde’s main sales district is all the way from Oslo to Trøndelag and Møre.

Private Budde enjoys wild-life and hunting, he is a dedicated family man, socializes often – and he is a football supporter…

Camilla Fleron
Key Account Manager

Camilla is so far the last one into the “Sørlie family”, mainly operating the south and south-west, but also some customer closer to the Oslo area. Her former business is the skin-care industry, but by education she is a teacher. Camilla holds lot of competence within leadership, sales and teambuilding, with experiences from international and domestic businesses.

Privately is socializing and traveling as often as she can, and having a genuine interest for interior and culture she probably has landed the perfect job.

Gro L. Lannem
Key account manager

The majority of Gro’s geographic operating district are in the Northern Norway – Nordland, Troms and Finmark, but she also keeps parts of Østfold and Buskerud. Added to that she is back-office and helping hand for the other sales staff – when needed. She has been with the company since 1997, and has been awarded for her way of approaching her customers.

When not working, she is a dedicated mother and grandmother, and a brilliant cook and cake baker – and a real cake-addict!

Hanne Christin Daler
Order / sales assistance

Hanne has been with the firm since January 2018. Her tasks and duties are primarily orders, stock listing and serving customers, but also serving the sales- and marketing departments. Hanne is a long-timer from the kitchen industry.

Music – marching band, is – and has always been Hanne’s main interest, and she’s an eager member French horn blower. Besides that, she is a competent baker and cook, who finds great pleasure inviting friends to test the results of kitchen experimenting.

Ståle Rudsrud
Order and stock department

Ståle has been in charge of the ordering office and the stock at Scan Sørlie AS since 2003, but he has been working in other furniture production companies since 1984. Since 2013 he also is in control of the orders and stock – it’s safe to say Ståle is a “major artery” of ours.

Ståle enjoys keeping in shape by physical activities, but when relaxing and enjoying life he run off for the weekend to his camper at Hvaler – the nearby seaside paradise!